How Rice And A Few Other Ravens Planned To Spend Their Bye Week

November 2, 2010 by Dan Kolko, MASN

Happy bye weekend, folks. Hope everyone's enjoying their Halloween and their one weekend without Ravens football for the next two (and hopefully three) months.

My Sunday won't be much different from any other during football season in that I'll be ... well, watching football. I won't be doing so with my laptop in front of me and a notepad and pen in my hand, however, so that will be a nice change of pace.

We've got a few solid games this weekend. I'll be keeping my eye on the Jets-Packers and Patriots-Favres games this afternoon, and both the Sunday night contest (Steelers at Saints) and the Monday night battle (Texans at Colts) should be good ones as well.

All four of those games could impact where the Ravens stand among the AFC powers, so those around The Castle will probably be intently watching the action there.

Today will be the Ravens' last day off before they'll be back at team headquarters tomorrow morning.

While the players are still expected to work out on their own during their time off, everyone should be well rested and ready to go tomorrow after having five days away from practices and meetings.

How do most of the players spend their bye week? Some hang out and relax around the Baltimore area, while some head back home to see their families.

Here's what a few Ravens had planned for their time off:

Anquan Boldin: "Yeah, spending time with my family, but it's football season, I've still got to concentrate on that. I'll continue to work out, get in the film room and just see what I can do to get better."

Ray Rice: "I'm going up to Rutgers to see my boy and see my mom. I need to get in about three spa days."

Terrell Suggs: "Where am I going? Nowhere, cuz. Right here, we got kids. It's going to be a lot of time with the children at Chuck E. Cheese."

Derrick Mason: "I got to see my children. I'll take [Monday and Tuesday] and then head out to Nashville."

Chris Carr: "Yeah, [the] Inner Harbor, I might walk around there. My neighborhood is kind of fun. My bed, I love my bed. Yeah, my bed's pretty nice. (laughter) I'll be hanging out here trying to get ready for the next week coming up after [the bye]. I'm just going to be relaxing, trying to get my body right for Miami."

Enjoy the games and any remaining Halloween festivities you've got planned, everyone. We'll be right back at it again tomorrow morning.

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